New Series of Experimental Art

New Series of Experimental Art

I have just completed a series of pieces using acrylic on Yupo paper.  They are all abstract landscapes.  Each piece represents a slightly different approach to color, texture or composition.  Some have multiple layers of glazes.  I am also experimenting with the approach to framing.  Each piece in this series is mounted on either stretched canvas (larger works) or canvas board.  In both case the canvas is prepped with gesso and painted with white acrylic.  The canvas is larger than the artwork and the excess appears as a matted surround.  The work is then varnished and framed in a black metal frame without plexiglass or glass.  All comments/feedback are welcome! –Ron

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  • Karen Wong

    Interesting experiment in mounting to canvas and then varnishing.  I have done this with watercolor paper but never with yupo.  I always thought that the varnished paint would not adhere to the yupo over the longhaul.  Have you found it to be stable?

    • admin

      So far all seems to work well.  I don’t have any long term data however. —Ron

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