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Just updated with recent artwork

I just uploaded examples of my recent work – take a look.  Any comments/feedback is always appreciated.  This image is of “Big Sur”, 22×28.  I painted images on several sheets of watercolor paper, tore them into stips using a deckle edge ruler, then collaged them onto a foamcore board.  What do you think?  —Ron

Just found out that this was published:

By Melissa McKenzie

As a child, Palo Alto landscape artist Ron Andrews’ youth was characterized by curiosity and experimental endeavors including drawing, graphics and photography. He sketched often and while living on the East Coast, dabbled in direct metal sculpture, but it was never a serious venture. However, after spending his career as a research physicist and research and development executive, Andrews picked up a paintbrush and began painting upon his retirement from Lockheed Martin in 2000.

"Winter Sierra IV", mixed water media on paper, 22x30
Ron Andrews’ Winter Sierra IV is in a member only exhibition of the International Society of Experimental Artists

“I started [my art training] with local workshops,” says Andrews. “Later, I sought out workshop opportunities with artist with national/international reputations. I continue to experiment and evolve – a Don Quiote quest for the perfect artistic language/ expression.”
As a mostly self-taught artist, Andrews’ work is all inspired by nature, painting landscape abstractions and landscape representations with abstract elements to communicate emotions, feelings or attributes associated with his chosen subject. Using water-based media – watercolors, acrylics, gouache, casein and gesso – the results of Andrews’ work are a mixture of realistic and conceptual ideas, allowing the viewer to imagine his location inspiration or create their own reality of the scene.

“I love nature and the outdoors,” he says. “Landscape comes naturally. Non-representational artistic expression has been and continues to be my challenge and goal.”
Inspired by the work of early Western American artists, including Thomas Moran’s subject matter and the loose style of California watercolorists, namely Jade Fon, Andrews cites the abstract expressionists as a representation of his greatest challenge in terms of artistic expression.
“I am inspired by a store of memories and experiences observing nature from mountainous wonder, to pastoral landscape, to intimate patterns and textures,” says Andrews. “I describe my works as ‘contemporary’ as they are abstracted to be suggestive, as opposed to literal, to enable the viewer to interpret based on his/her past experiences and memories. I strive to invoke the emotion associated with experiencing a work of nature.

"Surf's Up", mixed water media on paper, 22x30
Andrews’ “Surf’s Up” now on display at the Fallbrook Art Center’s 8th Annual Signature American Watermedia Exhibition

I utilize texture, color, perspective, bold composition and degree of abstraction to be suggestive and provide emphasis. I work with all variety of water based media to exploit the spontaneity, flow and blending qualities of the media. I constantly experiment, searching for new means to express the amazing variety and splendor found in the natural scene, in my quest for more compelling ‘contemporary landscapes’.”

"Slide", mixed water media on paper, 22x30
“Slide” by Ron Andrews

Andrews’ work is currently on display in the research contract administration office at Stanford University, Avid Bank and with private investors. His piece, “Surf’s Up” now on display at the Fallbrook Art Center’s “8th Annual Signature American Watermedia Exhibition,” a show open only to artists who have earned signature status in one or more art societies and he recently took first place with “Winter Sierra IV” in a member only exhibition of the International Society of Experimental Artists.
Andrews is a member of the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto, serving on its board for several years, including as president and vice president and heading the project to renovate, seismically upgrade and expand the league’s office building. Additionally, he has served on the board of Silicon Valley Open Studios and says he and his wife of the past 49 years enjoy being outdoors, traveling and volunteering within the community.
“[Art] is a means of expression that is both unique and challenge – it is a visual language,” he says. Additional information and a portfolio of Andrews’ work can be found at

Ron Andrews









Artist Ron Andrews


18 Atherton Living | March 2017

First Place Award!

Great news today.  This painting, “Winter Sierra IV” was awarded first place in the annual members exhibition of the International Society of Experimental Artists.

Just did an Update

I just posted my latest work on this site.  It has been 3 months and lot of new work.  Take a look.  I’ve worked hard on the abstracted landscapes, so any feedback will be appreciated.  — Ron

New work!

I have just updated the site with new work (since December 2015).  The overall theme remains ‘Contemporary Landscapes’ but they vary in the degree of abstraction.  Take a look and please comment – I really value the feedback.

— Ron

‘Responsive’ website

I just finished an upgrade to this website.  It is now a “Responsive” site – it adjusts for the device that is accessing the site.  Try it.  Access from a mobile device such as an iPhone with a small screen.  The images and info are presented in a very readable fashion.  This is important because Google has found that more than half of web accesses are from mobile (small screen) devices and it ranks searches accordingly.

New Series of Contemporary Landscapes

I have just posted a new series of landscapes.  These are all mountain scenes with a degree of abstraction.  I would appreciate any and all comments/critiques.  Take a look at the Landscapes gallery.   — Ron

New Gallery – Digital Fractal Art

I am currently exploring the possibilities of Fractal Art.  These images are created on a computer using fractal algorithms.  It is captivating.  Explore the new gallery – Digital Fractal Art – on the website.  Enjoy!  — Ron